Areas commonly treated with botulinum toxin include:     

💉 Forehead Lines 

💉 Frown Lines

💉 Crows Feet

💉 Lower Face Lift (Nefertiti Lift)

💉 Neck Lift (Platysma Bands)

💉 Gummy Smile

💉 Bunny Lines

💉 Masseter Reduction (Wide Jaw) 

💉 Cobblestone Chin (Dimple Chin)

As we age and are exposed to environmental factors (including sun damage 🌞, smoking 🚬, stress 🌡) and skin changes (such as loss of elasticity, volume) can form wrinkles: 

Repeated facial expressions lead to the development of superficial or deep facial fine lines and folds

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to reduce or completely prevent facial lines from developing whilst softening existing lines to maintain a youthful, fresher appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections involve using botulinum toxin, a highly purified protein, to temporarily relax the muscle directly, preventing these wrinkles and fine lines from developing in the first place! 

Anti-wrinkle injections can reduce wrinkles and facial lines between three and four months with essentially no downtime and minimal discomfort.